Three Strategic Positions in the Indonesian Bakamla Environment Be handed over

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Three Strategic Positions in the Indonesian Bakamla Environment Be handed over

Senin, 11 Mei 2020

(foto: ahadnews)

AHAD NEWS ■  Three strategic positions of echelon-2 level within the Indonesian Maritime Security Agency (Bakamla) namely the Head of the West Maritime Security Zone Office, the Director of Strategy, and the Director of Training were handed over in a the handover ceremony was led by the Head of Indonesian Bakamla Army Laksdya TNI Aan Kurnia, S. Sos., MM, which took place in the Hall, Bakamla Headquarters RI, Jl. Proclamation No. 56, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Monday (05/11/2020).

The Head of the West Maritime Security Zone Office was handed over from Laksma Bakamla Eko Murwanto to Laksma Bakamla Yeheskiel Katiandagho, Training Director from Laksma Bakamla Yeheskiel Katiandagho to Laksma Bakamla Sandy Muchjidin Latief, and Strategy Director from Laksma Bakamla Sandy Muchjidin Latianto.

The program began with swearing in accordance with their respective religions, signing the minutes of job handover, signing of the integrity pact, and releasing and embedding official and position markings.

The handover ceremony which was attended by the Main Secretary of the Republic of Indonesia Bakamla Laksda Bakamla S. Irawan, MM, the Deputies, as well as echelon-2 and echelon-3 officials took place in a simple but solemn manner, while still paying attention to the covid-19 preventive health protocol imposed by government, such as using masks and keeping a distance.

After the position handover, Head of Bakamla Laksdya TNI Aan Kurnia, S. Sos., M.M. in another room, briefing new officials and key officials. According to the Head of Bakamla RI, the handover of positions in the form of an exchange of positions is expected to be the right initial step to provide opportunities for new officials to be able to develop and enhance their knowledge, experience, insights, and abilities in new positions, so as to be able to encourage improvement in the performance of the satker towards better.

"In order to support the smooth operation of the tasks in the regions, I hope that the new official of the Head of the West Maritime Security Zone Office will be able to work in synergy with the local Forkominda, as well as to constantly innovate in developing capabilities in overcoming the problems of maritime security and safety in the territorial waters of western Indonesia," said Bakamla. "As for the new official Director of Training to prioritize the development of the capability and capacity of KN Bakamla RI (state ship) manned personnel through training programs related to activities on board," added the Head of Bakamla RI.

At the end of the briefing, responding to the increasing number of positive Corona patients in Indonesia, the Head of Bakamla RI Laksdya TNI Aan Kurnia, S. Sos., M.M. call on all Bakamla RI officials to increase awareness of the Corona virus pandemic (COVID-19) by always implementing health protocols and healthy behavior both in the office environment, on ships and in the neighborhood and family environment. (A2M)