Indonesian Bakamla Successfully Secures 19 illegal PMIs in Batam's Tanjung Sauh waters

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Indonesian Bakamla Successfully Secures 19 illegal PMIs in Batam's Tanjung Sauh waters

Senin, 11 Mei 2020

AHAD NEWS ■  Earlier today, the Republic of Indonesia's Maritime Security Agency (Bakamla) again managed to secure the mobilization of illegal Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) returning to Indonesia through unofficial ports in the Batam area, Saturday (05/09/2020).

This was conveyed by Head of the Kamla Office of the West Maritime Zone of Bakamla RI Laksma Bakamla Eko Murwanto when giving information about securing illegal PMI by Bakamla RI. "Thanks to the cooperation with all parties, in this case APMM Malaysia, and elemental preparedness, Bakamla RI succeeded in securing illegal PMI from Malaysia who tried to return through illegal port routes," he said.

A total of 19 people consisting of 17 men and 2 women, including a 2-year-old boy, were successfully secured by the Republic of Indonesia's Borderline Operational Task Force in the mangrove area of ​​Tanjung Sauh.

The security of this illegal PMI began with information provided by the Malaysian Maritime Empowerment Agency (APMM) colonel Mohd Zul Fadeli bin Nayan, yesterday (8/5) around 8:00 pm local time. From the results of radar monitoring, it was informed that a boat from Indonesia that had entered the border was suspected of mobilizing illegal PMIs.

Receiving this information, the Task Force immediately took action to anticipate insulation at a number of entry points. At midnight (9/5) around 01.00 WIB, the Task Force monitored the silhouette of the boat from the direction of Malaysia and from its silhouette in accordance with information from the APMM.

Task Force immediately intercept. Boat who knew the arrival of the Task Force immediately fled and pursued by the Task Force. Tekong / boat captain is assumed to be the local community because he is very understanding of the rat path in the waters of Batam.

For a moment the Task Force lost track, but the target was trapped in the mangrove area of ​​Tanjung Sauh, which is indeed an area of ​​coral growth and shallow waters. Finally the illegal PMI was found in the Tanjung Sauh mangrove forest. When the boat was secured, the captain was not found and had escaped. Subsequently, the Task Force brought PMI to the base and contacted the Port Health Office to implement the health protocol.

From the results of a rapid test conducted by the Port Health Office Team, no reactive PMI was found. Furthermore PMI was handed over by the Indonesian Damsatgas Cross Border Guard Agency to the Covid-19 Task Force of the Pemko Batam for quarantine in Rusunawa Tanjung Uncang which was received by dr. Ratna Irawato.

The Head of Bakamla RI Laksdya TNI Aan Kurnia, S. Sos., M.M. appreciate the cooperation with the APMM and also the performance of its units in carrying out operational tasks held by Bakamla RI. "Until now the Indonesian Military, Police, and Bakamla RI have managed to secure 427 illegal PMI people who have tried to enter Indonesia through the rat port. Solid cooperation with all parties, including APMM partners, is one of the key success factors that is important in securing PMI's return operation from Malaysia, "he said. (A2M)

(PR Bakamla RI / PR IDNCG).