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Prabowo: Thank you West Sumatra for supporting me a long time ago

Prabowo: Thank you West Sumatra for supporting me a long time ago

 Prabowo: Thank you West Sumatra for supporting me a long time ago

INFONEWS.CO.ID ■ Prabowo Subianto began his political speech by reading pantun in the Lake Cimpago area, Padang City, on Tuesday (2/4).

Coming in a beige shirt, Prabowo was greeted by dozens of thousands of supporters since disembarking at the Minangkabau International Airport (BIM). Greeting from the sunroof of his car, Prabowo used saluk on his head.

"The Empress lives in the palace. Always charming in the eyes of the king. April 17, choose Prabowo Sandiaga. For a fair Indonesia prosperous and prosperous, "he said.

He said, the people of West Sumatra were extraordinary. "Thank you West Sumatra for always supporting me from the past until now," he said.

Present was present, Chairperson of Gerindra West Sumatra DPD, Nasrul Abit, Mayor of Padang Mahyeldi Ansarullah, national figure Fadli Zon and others.

"The one who welcomed me was the Mayor of Padang. You seem to be a custom in Minang land, you have to use rhyme, "he said.

In his speech, Prabowo asked the people not to be lied to anymore. The community still has a lot of difficulties in the area.

"I feel that throughout Indonesia I don't want to be lied to anymore. There are diseases in this republic which are controlled by a handful of people. But a greedy person. Greedy ones. They are smart, but are used to deceive the people, "he continued.

According to him, the country's economic system is currently wrong. The economic system deviates from the 1945 Constitution. Not Pancasila. Because Pancasila demands the existence of social justice for all the people of Indonesia.

"We are not perfect, there are many shortcomings, but our intentions are good. Save Indonesia's wealth. I have been around Indonesia for a dozen years, "he said

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